Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice

Grades 2, 3, 4, 5

For the Celebration 225 Writer’s Choice category, students’ only guideline here is to write about a topic that is rooted in Lancaster County — something or someone the writer values. That could be a coach, farms, whoopie pies, fall fairs, trips to Central Market.  Other than finding that Lancaster County connection, the student has free reign over his or her subject.

Successful topics often relate to:

  • people who have influenced the writer
  • hobbies that interest the writer
  • places the writer has visited
  • activities in which the writer is involved

Successful writing includes action verbs.

The story will have a clear, distinct point with well-developed supporting details.

The tone may be serious, humorous or informative.

No entry is to exceed 200 words.

Students should use a medium-point black pen (not felt tip) or pencil dark enough to be photocopied.  (Computer generated, double-spaced text is preferred).

All Writer’s Choice entries must be accompanied by the entry form.  Staple the entry form to the submission.

Quick Links

Student Entry Form – Teacher should download and print one form per student entry.

Teacher Summary Sheet – Print one copy, complete summary of student entries, and submit with entries.

Judges’ Rubric – This link will help guide teachers and students to submitting successful entries.

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