News Features

Grades 6, 7, and 8

News features should focus on topics related to next year’s 225th anniversary of LNP, of which LancasterOnline is a part. Topics could the evolution of how LNP/LancasterOnline has reported the news through the generations, and the ways in which it keeps the community informed and why that is important. Is the relationship between news gathering and education essential?  These submissions could also focus on interesting people (current or past), events and places in Lancaster County that help to describe the heritage and culture of the community that LNP/LancasterOnline serves. Keep in mind:

1.  News features should have an element of news.

2.  The writer will have asked him or herself, “Why would anyone else want to read about this story or this subject?”

3.  A news feature differs from a straight news story in that while keeping its sentences and paragraphs concise, it develops a narrative style and also uses descriptive words and dialogue to project a picture or an emotion.  Although more creative, a news feature is not a creative writing activity, an essay, or poetry.  It must contain the element of newsworthy information.  Use only third-person pronouns and action verbs.

4.  No entry is to exceed 250 words.  Staple the entry form to the submission.  Computer-generated, double-spaced text is preferred. Hand-written entries should be completed in a  medium-point black pen (not felt tip) or pencil dark enough to be photocopied.  Please check students’ entries before submitting to be sure they are dark enough to be photocopied for judges.

Student Entry Form — Teacher should download and print one form per student entry.

Teacher Summary Sheet  — Print one copy, complete summary of student entries, and submit with entries.

Judges’ Rubric — This link will help guide teachers and students to submitting successful entries.