Illustrating Headlines

Kindergarten & Grade 1


After collecting newspaper photographs with matching headlines that are especially interesting to young children (such as feature and news stories and some editorials), cut them apart.

Ask the students to examine the headline and to look for the 5 W’s of Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

Study the separated parts and place the correct headline with the photograph.

Identify the action verbs in the headlines. What part does the verb play in the headline? Often the verb is the key word in an headline and will be the key to a good illustration. The headline should appeal to the 5 senses of the reader.

We encourage teachers and/or students to select their own headlines from LNP.

Illustrations can be in COLOR!  Please follow these guidelines for submission:

  • MARKERS are the preferred method for color.
  • MAKE IT VIBRANT! Darker colors are preferred for print.  Light colors may not reproduce well.
  • OUTLINE YOUR ARTWORK using a felt tip or ball point pen to help it pop!

Student Entry Form – Teacher should download and print one form per student entry.

Teacher Summary Sheet – Print one copy, complete summary of student entries, and submit with entries.

Winning Entries–NIE 2018