Are my students eligible to participate in the Celebration 225 Journalism and Design an Ad contests?

If you teach K-12 at any public, private, faith-based, or charter school in Lancaster County, you’re eligible to participate! Homeschoolers are welcome, too!

Journalism is open to all students, K – Grade 12.

  • Photo and video journalism are open to all students, Grades 7 – 12 Students may enter Photojournalism AND Journalism.

Design an Ad is open to all students, Grades 2 – 12.

Can I register for both components of the contest?

Yes, you can register your students for the Journalism contest and the design an Ad contest.

When is registration?

Registration is open now and concludes Dec. 21, 2019. All registration is done online.

What happens if I have more than one class?

For Journalism:  sometimes, it makes sense to complete one registration; other times, you’ll want to complete separate registrations.

For example, if you teach English and all your students are in the same grade, you’ll register one time and enter the total number of participating students (the sum of all your classes).  That number might be 100 or greater!

If you teach different grades, you can register each class separately, or you can register the number of students you have in each grade.

If you teach at two or more schools, definitely complete multiple registrations.

For Design an Ad:  Because local businesses pay for advertising space, we count on your participation after registration.  Please register each class individually.

After each class is assigned an Advertiser, we mail official entry forms to participating Design an Ad teachers.  It’s easier to avoid confusion and mix-ups when we have a packet of entries prepared for each registered class.

What happens after I register?

For Journalism:  You’re ready to start!  All student entries are due at LNP by 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1, 2019.

For Design An Ad:  We’ll assign an Advertiser to each class, and you’ll receive a packet with instructions, blank entry forms, and an Advertiser Requirement form.  Your packet(s) will arrive via IU 13 courier service, through U.S. Mail, or hand-delivered.

How are winners notified?

Letters are mailed to the teachers of winning students in early April.

Can I get copies of my students’ entries?

All entries become the property of LNP Media Group Inc. Teachers should make their own copies before submitting entries.

Do journalism entries need to be typed?

It is strongly encouraged that entries be typed.