Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Editorials are essentially short essay writing. For the Celebration 225 contest in 2019, students should focus on topics related to the 225th anniversary of our community newspaper, LNP, and its website, LancasterOnline, and the Lancaster County-area readership they serve. Topics might focus on the First Amendment freedom of the press, how LNP and newspapering have changed over the years, local stories/issues on which LNP has reported, social media and its influence on news gathering and consumption, or media literacy and the importance of factual and sourced information.

The writer establishes the focus of his or her argument, details the facts that support the argument, and then arrives at a conclusion, which attempts to prescribe a remedy or solution to the problems noted in the editorial.

Some editorial writers work with a formal outline as they write; others do not. They write their point of view first, which is the problem they wish to address. Then they list the points that support their point of view in the order of the least to greatest importance.

In their modified outlines, they also list points of view which they know contrast to their personal views. They will attempt to discredit these opposing points of view with statistics and researched facts.

Each editorial should have at least three supporting arguments.

Remember to:

  • select a good headline that captures the readers’ interest.
  • write a strong opening that leaves no doubt in the readers mind your point of view.
  • support your opinion with at least three arguments supported by statistics and facts.

Do not use passive verbs — they undermine your emotions. Do not use first or second pronouns.

Conclude with solutions that you believe will help the issue at hand.

No entry is to exceed 300 words. Staple the entry form to the submission. The submission is to be computer-generated, double-spaced text. Please be sure that print is dark since each entry is photocopied for our judges to read.

Student Entry Form – Teacher should download and print one entry form per student entry.

Teacher Summary Sheet — Print one copy, complete summary of student entries, and submit with entries.

Judges’ Rubric – This link will help guide the teachers and students to submitting successful entries.